gibbous phase

gibbous phase
фаза Луны между второй четвертью и полнолунием, Луна «на ущербе»

English-russian astronautics dictionary. - M.: Military Publishing house. . 1964.

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  • gibbous — [gib′əs] adj. [ME < L gibbosus < gibba: see GIB1] 1. protuberant; rounded and bulging 2. designating the moon, a planet, etc. in that phase in which more than half, but not all, of the face reflects sunlight to the earth: see MOON 3.… …   English World dictionary

  • phase — phaseless, adj. phasic, phaseal, adj. /fayz/, n., v., phased, phasing. n. 1. any of the major appearances or aspects in which a thing of varying modes or conditions manifests itself to the eye or mind. 2. a stage in a process of change or… …   Universalium

  • gibbous moon — noun A lunar phase either side of the full moon when the moons disc as seen from the Earth is larger than a semicircle. Ant: crescent See Also: new moon, first quarter, last quarter …   Wiktionary

  • gibbous — adjective /ˈɡɪbəs/ a) Characterized by convexity; protuberant. b) Phase of moon or planet between first quarter and full or between full and last quarter …   Wiktionary

  • Lunar phase — Moon phase redirects here. For the manga and anime series, see Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase. Animation of the Moon as it cycles through its phases, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The apparent wobbling of the Moon is known as libration. The… …   Wikipedia

  • lunar phase — noun Any one of the aspects or appearances presented by the moon as seen from Earth. See Also: dark moon, first quarter moon, full moon, gibbous moon, last quarter moon, new moon, waning crescent moon, waning gibbous moon, waxing crescent moon,… …   Wiktionary

  • Planetary phase — is the term used to describe the appearance of the illuminated section of a planet. Like lunar phases, the planetary phase depends on the relative position of the sun, the planet and the observer.As seen from Earth, the inferior planets may… …   Wikipedia

  • waning gibbous — adjective More than half full in phase, but growing smaller. See Also: gibbous, wane, waning crescent …   Wiktionary

  • quadrature — /kwod reuh cheuhr, choor /, n. 1. the act of squaring. 2. Math. a. the act or process of finding a square equal in area to a given surface, esp. a surface bounded by a curve. b. the act or process of finding an area or calculating an integral,… …   Universalium

  • International Observe the Moon Night — Abbreviation InOMN Formation September 18, 2010 (2010 09 18) (1 year ago) …   Wikipedia

  • Observing the Moon — The waxing gibbous Moon as observed from Earth The Moon is Earth s largest natural satellite and the nearest major celestial object. Observing the Moon can be accomplished by using a variety of instruments ranging from the naked eye to large… …   Wikipedia

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